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Craft Corner

Please contact me if your would like anything shown here or to request a custom creation.

Click on images in galleries for short descriptions you can reference.

Rosary and Rosary Repair

For love of our Lady

When I was a novice sister at the convent, I had to repair my habit rosary so often that I ended up in charge of making new habit rosaries for the sisters who would receive their habits the following summer. 

I especially enjoy planning how to put together beads, wire or cord, centerpieces and crucifixes into unique rosaries and chaplets. It makes me happy to restore well-prayed rosaries or to incorporate pieces into new ones. 

Contact me about rosaries.

Crochet Dolls

My sister gave me a crochet kit: Disney Princess Crochet by Jana Whitley

for my first Christmas in the monastery. I made a nun instead. I did eventually make some princesses, but I have much more fun making saints and angels. The following year, my mom gave me a crochet kit: Nativity Crochet by Kati Galusz, which I made in time for the next Christmas, and which led to angels and more saint dolls. 

Most of the dolls remain at the monastery, but I have some pictures of those projects to share, lots of new ideas and plenty of yarn. 

Contact me about custom crochet.

Handmade Cards

In the monastery, very artistic sisters would leave practice paintings in the scrap bin. I discovered that beautiful cards can be made by cutting these scraps. (The sisters named it "guillotine art".)

When I got home, I took a stack of almost fifteen years worth of water color paintings to the paper cutter to be transformed into cards. 

I also have been digging through old photographs to make vintage notecards. 

Contact me about handmade cards.