Sharing my faith and my creativity

At 27 years old, I crossed the country to enter a congregation of Dominican teaching sisters. Whenever anyone asked me why I wanted to leave California to become a religious sister, I really had no better answer than that God had told me: “Go there.”

I spent five blessed years in formation as a Catholic Religious Sister.  While there, I earned a master’s degree in teaching K-6 and studied philosophy and theology at the undergraduate level. I formed many lasting spiritual friendships and was constantly pushed to expand my comfort zone, learning about God and how to love him.

When the time came to renew vows, despite reservations about the community’s apostolate and struggles to adapt after leaving the community’s close-knit novitiate, I requested to renew my vows. I was convinced that this was where God wanted me even if I no longer felt happy. In an act of great love, the community refused my request. They assured me: God wants you to be happy.

I was only home a few months before the idea stuck in my head to be a cloistered nun. Resist as I might, the possibility filled me with increasing happiness.  I embarked on my adventure as an enclosed Dominican Nun about a year later. 

After three and a half years learning about myself and how to let God love me, I knew that I was not called to remain in the cloister. God was calling me on a new adventure. 

From now on, it is my project to live the universal call to holiness hidden not in a cloister, but in everyday life. I am still trying to discover what it means to establish a monastery in my heart. The journey so far has been one of trial and error and many surprises.

I started www.monasteryinmyheart.com as a place to share holy thoughts and inspirations in the hope of inspiring others to love our Divine Master a little more.

In February 2021, we joyfully welcomed Mary Rose Kreger as a regular contributor to the Cloister Garden blog.

Now there are two of us!